Business Value Coaches

The Goodwind Company is a Network Hub for highly qualified advisors and consultants in digital & agile transformation – delivering best business value. We collaborate with the best coaches from various companies and countries – with long experience of delivering and accelerating value in the digital domain. We start when others fail to deliver results and sustainable change.

“80% of corporate leadership do not understand how to win the digital battle – or where to start. They assert more control, stress and information” Hans Gillior

The Goodwind Company Associates

The Goodwind Company collaborate with the best advisors and coaches in the value acceleration and digital transformation domain. We work together for the best result!

WeAreAtmosphere: Digital Transformation (UK)

WoW Agile: Agile Way of Working (SE)

OKR360: Digital and Agile Transformation Metrics and Analysis (SE)

Institute for Digital Transformation: Digital Readiness & Transformation (USA)

Xientia: Cultural & Leadership Mapping (NO)

Unified Vision: Flow Leadership Management (USA/FI)

NEXER Group: Digital and Agile Transformation (SE) Virtual Workshops

Do your company want to join our universe of digital transformation experts? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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