Training & Certification

The Goodwind Company believe that successful digital transformation begins with knowledge and awareness. We therefore provide a number of training concepts to support managers and leaders to lead digital transformation – based on latest research, best practice framework and customer cases.

Leading Digital Transformation

The Leading Digital Transformation Training is about understanding the foundation of a successful digital transformation. We will combine latest research to understand the true nature of digitalisation, with assessments, collective learning and expert speakers. Do not miss!

Scope: 5 x 2 hours plus homework and coaching (3 hours)

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Essence of Digital Transformation

The Essence of Digital Transformation provides the basic insights about the nature of digitalisation – and its impact on the society, business and leadership. The training/workshop combines latest research, assessments and facilitated group discussions.

Scope: 3-4 hours workshop on client premises.

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Benchmarking Networks

The Goodwind Company provides a benchmarking network when companies and organisation can compare maturity of digital capabilities (based on GooDIGITAL assessments) and learn from each other. The Benchmarking service also provide analysis and coaching to improve digital performance.

Scope: 5 x 2 hours + homework and coaching (3 hours)

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GooDIGITAL Certification

The GooDIGITAL framework is available for companies and consultancy firms. The usage of the GooDIGITAL framework requires a training and certification (foundation and professional level) to get started.

GooDIGITAL Foundation: 8 hour training and certification – combining theory, cases and test:

GooDIGITAL Professional: Requires one documented project using at least 3 GooDIGITAL modules and participation in GooDIGITAL Masterclass.

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